‘Girls’ TV show article on Yahoo! OMG

Girls HBO TV show
The new Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda

A little while ago, some friends introduced me to the newest American TV sitcom Girls. I’m not a huge TV fan but this instantly grabbed my attention as being hilariously funny, unashamedly relatable and the best thing to be on my telly box since Sex and the City (which incidentally gets played on my telly box most of the time). So when I saw the opportunity to write a piece for Yahoo! OMG comparing the show to my girlfriends, I jumped at the opportunity.

I hope you find it enjoyable reading as I will be writing a few more pieces about Girls for Yahoo! in the coming weeks and if you haven’t seen it already, watch the show which is currently airing on Sky Atlantic.

Here is a teaser for the article. Please click the headline to follow the link to the full article.

New US dramedy ‘Girls’ vs. my girlfriends

Myself and my housemates, like many groups of female friends, were forever comparing our lives to ‘Sex and the City’ but as one housemate pointed out “This is a bit awkward guys but have you looked at our lives recently? I mean right now we are having this conversation, sitting in a basement in Peckham, barely surviving on the minimum wage, wearing clothes bought exclusively from charity shops and eating cornflakes.”

And then we discovered hot new US series ‘Girls’. Finally – a group of friends we could really relate to! We’re more likely to wear Primark than Prada, skip a meal to afford a night out than dine at the city’s finest restaurants and don’t even get us started on 20-something men!… Read more.


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