The Fitzroy Kickstarter Campaign Party

The Fitzroy film logo

The Fitzroy Director and Producers
James Heath (Producer), Andrew Harmer (Writer/Director) and Liam Garvo (Producer)

Last night my lovely and talented actor/model friend Rich Igoe invited me to a fundraising party for a new film The Fitzroy.

We enjoyed the free bar (who doesn’t!) and danced to the Green Rock River Band who will be starring in and creating an original score for the film… if it goes ahead. The film are looking for funding and they’re asking us to give what we can to make it happen in exchange for some treats.

Set on a submarine in a post-apocalyptic 1950s, I’d say this film is worth backing just to find out what the hell the story line is going to be given the theme!

Depending on how much you pledge through Kickstarter (a great site to aid fundraising for creative projects) you can get a copy of the film, the soundtrack, t-shirts, posters, tickets to the premier… and if you’re feeling really generous, the Green Rock River Band playing in your living room.

Director Andrew Harmer puts it much better than I do though, so give The Fitzroy pledge video a watch:

The Fitzroy fundraising video

If you can’t give them any money, then at least follow them on Facebook and Twitter, it’ll be much appreciated.


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