Jade Jagger at Joseph

Jade Jagger at Joseph

For those of you it might have passed by, Jade Jagger (daughter of Mick and Bianca) founded a fine jewellery line in 2009. The Indian-inspired pieces are stocked around the world, in her standalone stores in London and Goa and now, in Joseph.

To celebrate, she hosted a drinks reception at the Joseph store on Fulham Road this week. It was attended by a very stylish crowd including three of my fabulous friends Susana Campora (of Susi in Wonderland) , Silvia Shone (of NottingChic) and Jai’me Jan (of Boy Meets Fashion).

See more of Jade’s jewellery on her website.

Images: Jade Jagger Jewellery (top left), Susana, Silvia and Jai’me (top right), Jade’s favourite ring from the collection (bottom right), the party crowd at Joseph (bottom left) and Jade Jagger (centre).


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