The Noisettes Interview

The Noisettes Contact album

Recently I’ve been doing some work for the very cool and trendy 1883 Magazine, including an interview with The Noisettes for their website.

I love The Noisettes’ music and I didn’t think it was possible but Shingai is even more beautiful in real life! The lead singer and her partner in crime Dan Smith are such a funny pairing and I really enjoyed the interview as I got a feel for what they are like as people as well as musicians.

After the interview, I stayed for cocktails and a mini gig from the band at their album launch party at Baroque in Mayfair. Their music lends itself to a feel good atmosphere and it certainly spurred on the great time I had with the lovely PRs and blogger Lela London who I met for the first time and hope to see round and about at events again.

Read my interview with The Noisettes here.

Shingai Shoniwa and Dan Smith


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