PETME love adoption – Making Every Dog Walk a Catwalk

I love discovering new brands and the excitement that comes from working with a start-up, so I was delighted to hear from an old colleague who told me she has started her own dog fashion brand.

Well, who could say no to this face…

PETME love adoption dog bandana

PETME love adoption is a fun, fashion-loving label that makes accessories for stylish pups and their owners. They have a selection of colourful pop prints (my personal favourite is the Sailor Bunting) in dog bow ties and dog bandanas and scarves, bow ties and dolly bow hair bands for their owners.

They have created a really desirable product with great imagery, lovely gift packaging and a brand that makes you feel that your dog will be the coolest around when they wear PETME. It’s not hard to see why their slogan promises to ‘make every dog walk a catwalk’.

This really is a brand with heart too and they aim to raise awareness of dog adoption through their brand name ‘PETME love adoption’ and through their social media and blog. They also have a number of fundraising campaigns planned and when you shop on their website at the moment, £1 from every product bought will go to Mayhew Animal Home in London.

There are really exciting times ahead for these guys and it’s a pleasure working with my old colleague again, who is a fantastic graphic designer, and her partner, who is a really ambitious business woman. They’re one to watch!

Read my first blog for PETME love adoption: Trend story – Nauti-cool: Why Every Pup Should Be Treated To Sailor Style.

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