Launch of Creative Artists Foundation

CAF Magazine

This is what my desk has been looking like recently as I’ve been working on the launch of Creative Artists Foundation. The new not-for-profit organisation launched by TFM is supporting, promoting and discussing the fashion and art industry in emerging and developing markets.

As Editor of the online magazine I’ve been fortunate enough to interview some of the most incredible people! From models in India, to beauty artists in Brazil, marketing consultants in Saudi Arabia and street artists in Nepal. My eyes have been opened massively, so I know this is a magazine you need to read if you work in the creative industries. We’re so used to hearing about China, India and South America as the country’s to crack if you want to make more money, so it’s refreshing to discover the talent they have coming out of their country, not going in to it.

There is also an online TV channel launching soon, watch the trailer below:

Here’s a bit more information from our press release. Get in touch via the contact me page if you’d like to know more, write for the website or feature CAF and please visit the website and let me know what you think!

Press release:

Fashion and entertainment company TFM are pleased to announce the launch of their not-for-profit enterprise, Creative Artists Foundation. CAF Foundation online will consist of an industry magazine and its own online TV channel, CAF TV, each focussing on forging and furthering creative bridges with the thriving artistic and cultural landscapes of emerging markets from Asia and the Middle East to Africa, Eastern Europe and South America.

With the wealth of rich and diverse creative talent surging from these areas, the West is starting to sit up and take notice, CAF strives to shine the spotlight and immerse itself in these artistic hubs and emerging industries. CAF explores culture, art and fashion through thought-provoking opinion pieces and in-depth interviews from around the world with talented creatives and those who are making a difference to the future of our industry. CAF shines a light on the world’s new thought leaders, trend-setters and taste-makers from diverse societies, to reveal a deeper, more authentic insight. It promises to be a unique global voice as well as encouraging collaboration and links between the East and West through trade and business opportunities.

CAF’s mission is:

  • To inspire and strengthen creative collaboration and partnership between all cultures, with a focus on emerging markets.
  • To showcase new and established entrepreneurs and up-and-coming artists in new markets.
  • To promote and generate global awareness of culture, art, and fashion in diverse cultures.
  • To enable emerging markets with global investment opportunities by connecting them with sponsors and industry professionals.
  • To support and educate creative industries in emerging markets so that they may operate successfully on a global level.
  • To nurture an industry where success depends not on hype or celebrity culture, but talent, originality and vision.

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