Diversify your Media: 3 Instagram Accounts for Stylish Older Women You Should Follow


In a modern world of technology, transparency and, god help us, the comments section, the fashion industry has been exposed and confronted more than ever about its lack of diversity. While the industry takes feeble baby steps towards improving this, social media has provided not only the tool to rant about the unfairness of this issue, but also the tool to resolve the problem ourselves.

Our media consumption habbits are more diverse than ever. Whilst once upon a time we’d have a subscription to our favourite monthly magazine and pick up our preferred newspaper on our way to work, now we read multiple articles a day from various sources. A Vogue article that arrived in our email inbox, an outfit post from the blogger we follow on Instagram, a news exposée from a website we’ve never heard of that our friend shared on Facebook; it can be a bit overwhelming. However, it also gives us the power to curate our own media.

Do you know what that means? It means that the diversity of the writers, models, bloggers and celebrities you see is in your hands. While we’ll always come back to these publications for quality, trusted coverage, and we shouldn’t stop lobbying media publications to include more variety in their pages, we can also choose to bring that diversity into our inboxes and social media feeds.

In the first of a series to help you get more diversity in your life, I’d like to introduce you to some of the super stylish older women I follow on Instagram.

The reason I love following these women is that they aren’t under pressure to wear trends (often because the same industry that makes the trends, excludes them from them), or take overly stylised shots of clothing gifted to them by PRs. Instead, these women have spent a lifetime getting to know themselves and what they like, and a lifetime collecting amazing clothes!

Give these authentic fashionistas a follow…

Ari Seth Cohen (@advancedstyle)

Ok, so this isn’t much of an insider secret, but are you actually one of Advanced Style’s 142K followers? Or did you just hear about it, think it was a great idea and then move on. That’s what I did until a couple of weeks ago and trust me, you won’t regret upping your precious ‘following’ number. Ari Seth Cohen’s hugely popular blog documenting America’s bright, beautiful and emboldened older women (and men) is the true pioneer when it comes to showing that older women can rival the youngsters for daring style. The second book, ‘Advanced Style – Older and Wiser’ is out in June too.

12716611_897871867000879_1178784094_nCredit: Instagram/@advancedstyle/@indiamehta

Judith Maria Bradley (@judithmariabradley)

I’m not sure how I stumbled across model and actress Judith Maria Bradley’s Instagram but her posts aways raise a smile. Not only does she always look amazing in oversized sunglasses and stacks of jewellery but she’s always sporting an infectious smile. A self-confessed ‘lover of life’ and ‘eternal optimist’ it makes a refreshing change from duck faces and moody model poses. She’s also great at engaging with her audience and has liked and commented on several of my photos too.

Credit: Instagram/@judithmariabradley/@steph_martyniuk

Daphne Selfe (@daphneselfe)

I heard Daphne, Guinness World Record Holder of the World’s Oldest Working Professional Model, speak at an event last year and she was so inspiring! She has such a love for what she does and she’s so graceful and elegant with it. Follow her for behind the scenes of photoshoots and ‘model off duty’ style like you’ve never seen it before.

Credit: Instagram/@daphneselfe

When the world constantly tells you how to avoid looking old, there’s a lot to be learned from these women.

I’d love to hear of any other stylish older women you follow on Instagram, feel free to leave a comment with your recommendations.


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