5 Tips For Networking With Fashion Journalists

Most fashion designers want to meet two people: buyers and journalists. As someone who is the latter, I meet a lot of fashion designers. Some of whom I will end up featuring in the publications I write for, and some of whom I will not.

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Diversify your Media: 3 Instagram Accounts for Stylish Older Women You Should Follow

In a modern world of technology, transparency and, god help us, the comments section, the fashion industry has been exposed and confronted more than ever about its lack of diversity. While the industry takes feeble baby steps towards improving this, social media has provided not only the tool to rant about the unfairness of this […]

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My favourite articles of 2015

It may not be as emotionally charged as Facebook’s 2015 Year in Review video – watch it below if you haven’t seen it yet – but here is my round up of 2015 in the form of some of my favourite articles that I’ve written. Few things make me happier than listening to people’s stories, learning […]

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What is Copywriting?

An example of a product description I wrote for Swatch. When I say I’m a journalist and copywriter, one of the most common responses I get is, ‘What is copywriting?’ The truth is, you probably know what copywriting is, you just don’t know that’s what it’s called. Copywriting is all of the writing a brand communicates […]

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