5 Tips For Networking With Fashion Journalists

Most fashion designers want to meet two people: buyers and journalists. As someone who is the latter, I meet a lot of fashion designers. Some of whom I will end up featuring in the publications I write for, and some of whom I will not.

Why I Founded The Fashion Debates

A few months ago, a friend of mine was raving about a new feminist book she’d just read, “You’ll love it!… But maybe don’t read the chapter on fashion, it’s pretty damning.” I looked at her curiously. As a fashion journalist, and a feminist, why would I not want to listen to these arguments? PerhapsContinue reading “Why I Founded The Fashion Debates”

5 Things to Check Before You Submit Your Journalism Job Application

Image: Texty Cafe/Flickr licensed under Creative Commons This post is inspired by a recent recruitment drive and the very basic mistakes I kept seeing over and over again. Before you hit send on your next journalism job application, run through this check list: Read the job description again. In my job description I asked potentialContinue reading “5 Things to Check Before You Submit Your Journalism Job Application”

Why the 70s Came Back into Fashion: A Theory

No matter what the fashion magazines tell you; a trend isn’t a trend until the people say it is. If no one adopts fashion’s themes into their wardrobes, it’s of little significance. One trend which undoubtedly swept the catwalks, the blogs and the streets last year was 70s style. The maxi lengths, the suede skirts,Continue reading “Why the 70s Came Back into Fashion: A Theory”

What is Copywriting?

An example of a product description I wrote for Swatch. When I say I’m a journalist and copywriter, one of the most common responses I get is, ‘What is copywriting?’ The truth is, you probably know what copywriting is, you just don’t know that’s what it’s called. Copywriting is all of the writing a brand communicatesContinue reading “What is Copywriting?”

Launch of Creative Artists Foundation

This is what my desk has been looking like recently as I’ve been working on the launch of Creative Artists Foundation. The new not-for-profit organisation launched by TFM is supporting, promoting and discussing the fashion and art industry in emerging and developing markets. As Editor of the online magazine I’ve been fortunate enough to interview someContinue reading “Launch of Creative Artists Foundation”

Lights of Soho ‘Bright Lights into the Spotlight’ Fashion Event

I am very excited to be chairing a Q&A with some brilliant up-and-coming fashion professionals at Lights of Soho next week. The art gallery and members’ bar, along with interior design and art group Noone Artist, are hosting a series of events at the moment called ‘Bright Lights in the Spotlight’ which is a discussionContinue reading “Lights of Soho ‘Bright Lights into the Spotlight’ Fashion Event”

Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Berlin autumn/winter 2015

I recently returned from covering the autumn/winter 2015 edition of Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Berlin for FAULT Magazine. It was my first time covering the event and there were many things that surprised me about my perception of the German fashion industry after the event. In general I found the fashion a little disappointing. I feltContinue reading “Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Berlin autumn/winter 2015”