Profile Interviews


Ece Sukan Discusses Turkey’s East Meets West Conundrum for the Creative Artists Foundation Magazine
Ece Sukan has a unique perspective on the Turkish fashion industry. Arguably the country’s most influential fashion figure, she’s seen waves of change since she began her career 15 years ago, and has held many roles within it…


Indrani: “Creativity is the Key to Unlocking the Potential Women Have” for the Creative Artists Foundation Magazine
Celebrity photographer Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri may be a Hollywood favourite but there’s a deeper side to her work that goes back to her roots in India…


The Noisettes for 1883 Magazine
On my left is the flamboyant, and breathtakingly beautiful, front woman of The Noisettes, Shingai Shoniwa. Dressed in a lime green PPQ maxi dress she is all smiles and exaggerated hand gestures. Shuffling along to sit on my right is the astoundingly talented but completely understated guitarist Dan Smith…


Billie Piper for FAULT Magazine
How did Billie Piper get to where she is today; starring in Showtime’s high-budget  horror Penny Dreadful with top names in the industry? FAULT talks pop beginnings, wild teenage years and how acting was always the plan…